Lara is a Travel and Documentary Photographer with family in both the UK and New Zealand.  Growing up spending time in both countries played a fundamental role in shaping her love for travel. 


Her passion for travel and the environment has led her to travel to 39 countries and counting. She uses this to capture unique and new perspectives of different ways of life in cities and landscapes around the world, whilst aiming to remain objective to her subjects.


In both her professional and personal projects, Lara continuously explores the relationship between people and their environment, and the impact that development has on the landscape.


Lara’s most recent work ‘Anthropic Alterations’, explores some of the most densely populated cities in the world. It is a photographic journey through visually underpopulated and eerie locations with only traces of city dwellers and their intervention on the landscape. Documenting the interaction between ‘The Natural’ and ‘The Man-made’, this visual investigation of the world in which we live, depicts the transformation of urban areas, recording how we, as human-beings, develop and shape the environment we are living in. 

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Awarded Photobox Scholarship 2019

Norwich/ London, UK

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