The current geological state of the planet is now defined as Anthropocene. Humans have altered more than 50 percent of the earth’s surface, by building cities, clearing fields and damming rivers. We are rapidly consuming the worlds natural resources, changing the shape of our planet. Right now, one species alone is driving these changes. Humans have gone from being participants on Earth, to a dominant feature. We are currently living in a permanently changed world. A world that is Man-Altered.


For the first time in human history, more than halfof the world’s population live in cities. The rate of urbanisation is rising exponentially, and it is unlikely to reverse.

In cities one of the most pressing problems facing the world today is environmental degradation. Urban expansion that takes place in forests, wetlands and agricultural systems leads to habitat clearing, deterioration of land and the destruction of ecosystems. As these cities grow in number, so do their environmental and ecological footprints. Consumptive urban lifestyles require a great deal of natural resources; energy, water, food, and land. Increased waste also leads to elevated levels of air, water and soil pollution.


As mankind has impacted the landscape, the environment has changed adversely, the impacts causing frustration and dissatisfaction among inhabitants and in turn, changes to government policy to reverse or slow the negative impact of change. 


For a city to be sustainable it needs to achieve Environmental, Economic and Social sustainability. Ultimately, the key goal of any sustainable city should be to provide highest quality of life together with the lowest environmental footprint.


‘Anthropic Alterations’ explores some of the most densely populated cities in the world. A photographic journey through visually underpopulated and eerie Locations with only by the traces of city dwellers and their intervention on the landscape. Documenting the interaction between The Natural and The Man-made, this visual investigation of the world in which live, depicting the transformation of urban areas, recording how we, as human-beings, develop and shape the environment we are living in.

© 2019 By Lara Chandler